Who is Bianca Taylor?

Who is Bianca Taylor?

Bianca Taylor is a public speaker, online personality, certified personal trainer, also certified in plant based nutrition from eCornell, and former NPC bikini competitor.

With a passion for the vegan movement and fitness, Bianca has used her online platform to spread awareness and inspiration on fitness and the vegan lifestyle. Bianca’s message of body positivity, self love, and women’s empowerment reaches millions of viewers each week through Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. With over 700,000 followers on Instagram and over 4 million views on YouTube, she consistently shares her colorful personal life journey while promoting a positive message of plant based fitness, mental health, women’s empowerment, and equality for all living beings.

In 2015 Bianca founded Bianca Taylor Fitness Enterprises co., and has since coached thousands of women and men to reach their fitness goals, all while eating a balanced vegan diet. In 2018 Bianca co-founded Vegan Fitness co., and has since contributed to what will become the most powerful source of evidence based plant based nutrition online, to help millions make the switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

Bianca continues to use her passion to fuel her entrepreneurial spirit endeavors, while helping as many beings as possible along the way. In co-founding Vedge Nutrition, Bianca combined her passion for the plant-based movement, with her background in fitness and nutrition, to help create something new and innovative that would give athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike the extra edge in their training.  

“To me, Vedge is something that not only athletes, but anyone who cares about their health, can benefit from. I’m extremely excited to have been a part in creating Vedge because we have combined passion and evidence based science to create something new and innovative. Our goal is to inspire and help people who are also passionate about their health and fitness, and want to make an impact.” - Bianca Taylor