Presh Hawthorne

Vedge Nutrition Elite Athlete

Crossfit Athlete & Coach  |  Cleveland, OH

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Queer Feminist 🚺
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I’m Presh. A queer, black CrossFit athlete, introverted but loving with a crazy sense of humor. I’m a big ball of muscle & laughs.

I grew up playing sports (basketball & track). Once I left college, I wasn’t very happy with my 9-5 career & I realized something was missing. I needed to prioritize my health. I began working out & eventually picked up CrossFit.

Early in my fitness career, I found that I felt very sluggish, was holding unnecessary weight & lacked energy/momentum. I didn’t grow up in an area knowledgeable about the vegan lifestyle so I ate a lot of meat. I did my research & discovered that a lot of vegan athletes had great results & success on a vegan diet. I wanted to feel better, perform better, & make more ethical choices. It was the best choice I could’ve made!

My motivation is just discipline. I know that in order to be the best athlete/human I can be, there are things I simply HAVE to do. But my biggest motivator is becoming one of the few competitive vegan athletes in the sport of CrossFit & making my mother proud 💛

My biggest achievement is starting a successful brand: Apply Preshure Fitness. I never imagined my influence would become so pervasive but I am grateful for those who support me & I want to continue being a positive influence on those around me.

Vedge Nutrition has given me a way to optimize my training & stay healthy when I was unable to find vegan products that I felt were beneficial. Vedge has been super supportive in my journey as an ambassador & athlete. Awesome company! 

Favorite cheat meal: Beyond Burger & French fries w/ ranch or Tempeh tacos

PR Song: Legend-Joyner Lucas 

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