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The Importance of Supplements for Athletes

Posted October 12, 2022

Whether we’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, getting results from our workouts comes down to way more than just the work we put in at the gym. In fact, combining a nutritious diet with a few top supplements can help us gain a serious edge and achieve our goals quicker. They can upgrade our performance by increasing strength, metabolism and muscle mass so we can make the most of each and every exercise session. Performance-enhancing supplements are those that help us push ourselves to go the extra mile with ease. Every athlete wants to find a way to improve performance with more efficiency, so while our specific enhancement goals are unique depending on our sport, the following supplement options can help us stretch to greater heights and feel more energetic throughout our training:


Any athlete facing a grueling training regimen knows that energy supplements can help make it a bit easier to stay on track. The reality is that no athlete has a full tank of energy all the time, and rigorous training can drain it quickly. However, certain vitamins and nutrients can help us boost our energy levels so we feel capable of conquering those tough workouts each day. Supplements like adaptogens, vitamin B, iron, magnesium can help promote healthy energy levels.

 Supplements distinctly labeled as ‘Pre-workouts’ are typically multi-ingredient dietary formulas designed to increase energy and provide nutrients. They’re typically a powdered substance with ingredients like beta-alanine, L-Taurine, L-Leucine and caffeine that mix well in water to be consumed prior to the gym. There are multiple pre-workout supplements on the market today, but finding a safe and reputable option like Vedge Pre-Workout is imperative if we want a product that delivers on its promises.

Post-Workout Recovery:

The point of deliberate exercise is to induce a workload on our bodies so that we adapt to similar stresses in the future. After we break down the body, it immediately works to repair itself. An important distinction with any type of training is that we never grow while we work out; only when we rest and recover. The right supplements and nutrition like calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin E are just a few highlights that help repair the body for the next stress load.

 Without question, the implementation of protein post-workout is imperative to kick-start the recovery process. Protein is the building block of muscles and has an abundant supply of amino acids. By supplementing with protein (particularly in powder form for quick absorption) we can supply the body with the resources needed to repair and rebuild our muscles. A great option is Vedge Plant Protein, which includes an organic blend of vegan proteins with an optimal amino acid profile for building muscle and recovering quickly.

Daily Essentials:

Maintaining a diligent regimen of everyday supplements is key for keeping our bodies at our best, even on rest days. It can sometimes be a balancing act to keep different systems replenished and operating at peak capacity on a daily basis when they’re so often drained through rigorous exercise. Electrolytes like sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and others are the essential minerals that help our bodies operate at their best. Maintaining a healthy ratio of omega fats is crucial as well as supplementing with vitamin D, B-12, B-6, folate, and niacin. A simple supplement that checks off many of these nutrients in one daily capsule is Essential, and we can also receive an incredible amount of superfoods in one small scoop of Organic Greens. Both are vegan and offer comprehensive formulas to conveniently provide a boost in energy levels and immune defense, both of which athletes need to operate at their best day in and day out.


By Vedge Nutrition


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