T H E  V E D G E  M I S S I O N

This team was brought together for a reason. We have seen, represented and tried many different supplements over the years, but something was always off. We knew we could do better...so we did.

For us, everything starts with sourcing. Our products are meant to bring you the highest quality ingredients while delivering the best results for performance. No cheap fillers, no marketing BS, just science based products made to give you the best performance.

We believe it is a universal right to lead happy, healthy lives, and it is our mission to provide the highest grade products that enhance the quality of life for all.

Open Positions:

Community Manager

We are looking for a friendly voice with a background within affiliate programs/affiliate marketing to help grow and cultivate our community. Must bring innovative ideas, have skills in sales, and a passion for building community. 

Copy Writer

We are looking for an exceptional sales copywriter that can mix innovative ideas, high-level persuasions skills, and a passion for creating massive revenue.