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Creatine Loading and Safety

We’ve already covered the creatine basics here, but surprisingly, the debate over how and when to take creatine continues. Some believe that a “loading phase” is necessary to maximize benefits, but others deem this process irrelevant. Whether we choose to load or stick to a low dose to start, our method will ultimately affect how quickly we see an increase of creatine levels in the body.
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7 Ways to Optimize Our Health While Working 9-5

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to achieve in and of itself, so there’s no question that it can be even more challenging while working a full-time job. Professional environments and contemporary culture - particularly in fast-paced urban areas - encourage us to work harder, better, faster, and stronger. Whether we work from home or an office, this can often come at the cost of our wellbeing.
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Why Creatine+ Is Your New Best Friend

Creatine is one of the most popular and well researched supplements in the world, and over the last few decades it’s found its way near the top of many people’s ‘essential supplements’ lists. However, many are unaware of creatine basics, such as the science behind it and its studied benefits.

Just a few years ago, creatine was something that was talked about as a “secret weapon” exclusively for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other hardcore strength athletes. Today, athletes of all types take creatine as a way to improve both their training and recovery. The research is clear that for many athletes, this is one supplement that comes with a significant upside.

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When Should You Take Your Protein Powder

If we choose to supplement our diets with protein powder, the timing of when to take it is an important question to ask. Some of us just love the convenience of taking a protein shake on-the-go, while others religiously utilize it as a supplement to reach our health and fitness goals. Whether we’re looking to lose weight, maintain our physique, or gain muscle, protein powders can be a great tool to ensure we’re hitting our numbers. The best time of day to consume it can depend not only on our goals, but also our schedule and personal preferences.
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Vitamin D3 & Your Immune System

Who doesn’t want a better immune system these days? While many of us are still sheltering at home, distancing ourselves from the outside world, our immunity is one aspect of our health that remains top-of-mind. In its most basic form, the immune system is a network of cells and proteins that defend the body against infection. It’s an incredibly intelligent system that records every germ it’s ever defeated, recognizes it if it enters the body again, and destroys it immediately. Without a properly functioning immune system, colds are frequent, wounds are slow to heal, and overall health declines.
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The Calories You Need To Build Plant-Based Mass

Building mass on a plant-based diet can be a challenging notion for some. Most picture such a diet causing one to shrivel into a stringbean, eating only twigs, berries, and a spinach leaf or two each day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like omnivorous diets - building mass essentially comes down to eating in a state of caloric surplus. What is a caloric surplus? Simply put, it’s when we consume a larger amount of calories than we burn. In a caloric surplus, our body mass increases.
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