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"The Complete Protein Myth" Busted

If we think those on a plant-based diet need to eat copious amounts of rice and beans to get “complete” proteins, we must think again. Covering our essential amino acids from such a diet is easier than we think.
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Quality of Nutrition or Quantity of Nutrition?

What’s more important? The quality of our nutrition or the quantity? Trick question - both are equally as important. Our bodies need quantity to fuel and quality to thrive. The number of calories we consume, the quality of food we eat, and our ability to digest it all play critical roles in our health. After all, we’re all different, and should approach this question individually based on our own needs and goals.
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Q&A With IFBB PRO Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado is a natural, vegan IFBB professional bodybuilder and creator of and co-founder of Vedge Nutrition.

He was raised with a vegetarian diet since birth and has never consumed any meat in his lifetime. In his early twenties Nimai decided to transition to a fully plant based diet after he recognized the unethical exploitation of animals for human convenience.
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The Benefits of Mobility Training

Mobility is a term that many fitness trainers often throw around, referencing stretches or some low-impact workouts. It’s a crucial component of our health that affects not only our fitness, but our longevity. We often take it for granted until we become immobile for short (or long) periods of time, and then truly understand the importance it plays in our lives.
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Creatine Loading and Safety

We’ve already covered the creatine basics here, but surprisingly, the debate over how and when to take creatine continues. Some believe that a “loading phase” is necessary to maximize benefits, but others deem this process irrelevant. Whether we choose to load or stick to a low dose to start, our method will ultimately affect how quickly we see an increase of creatine levels in the body.
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7 Ways to Optimize Our Health While Working 9-5

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to achieve in and of itself, so there’s no question that it can be even more challenging while working a full-time job. Professional environments and contemporary culture - particularly in fast-paced urban areas - encourage us to work harder, better, faster, and stronger. Whether we work from home or an office, this can often come at the cost of our wellbeing.
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