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Everyone Should Be Taking These 3 Vitamins Every Day

Despite this fact, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies are incredibly common. In fact, a study showed that 42% of Americans are Vitamin...
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3 Vitamins You're Potentially Lacking

Whoever you are and however you live, there are specific vitamins and nutrients doctors are always telling us we need more...
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Stay Prepared. Stay Safe. Immune Health.

4 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Immune System Strong!

We are living through a period that will go down in history as the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Pretty crazy to think about how much this virus has taken control of our lives. People are losing their jobs, their ways of life, their toilet paper… but most importantly, their health. 

Out of all of the craziness, it is important to focus on what you can control. If you focus too long on the uncontrollables, anxiety will increase and it will consume you. Find power in what you can control. One thing you can’t control is Karen buying all the toilet paper at the supermarket. The #1 thing you can control is your health.

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Who is Bianca Taylor?

Bianca Taylor is a public speaker, online personality, certified personal trainer, also certified in plant based nutrition from eCornell, and former NPC bikini competitor.

With a passion for the vegan...

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Who is Nimai Delgado?

Nimai Delgado is a natural, vegan IFBB professional bodybuilder and creator of and co-founder of Vedge Nutrition. He was raised...
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Why Vedge Nutrition?

For us, everything starts with sourcing. Our products are meant to bring you the highest quality ingredients while delivering the best results for performance. No cheap fillers, no marketing BS, just amazing products made with mother nature's best. 
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